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Early Morning series

October 7-18. Yoga Flow Noe

Embracing change and seeing what you can alter with a consistent strong practice is what this series is about.

Challenging yourself and working for victory, opening your breath, getting stronger, finding balance and an inner gaze early in the day can change everything. Commit to this and see what it is like.

We will meet daily M-F from 7:30 to 8:20am for two weeks beginning Monday October 7th. Each physically oriented practice will be focused, unique and strong. Functional and Plyometric exercises may be used in conjunction with Yoga poses. For those who have yet to practice at Yoga Flow Noe, you will find a beautiful studio complete with showers and other amenities to prepare yourself for your day. This series is open to all levels and we encourage you to attend each session. No drop ins.

Cost: $200

Testimonials from previous Early Morning series,

"...For me, this experience was as intense as it was deeply satisfying. Based on the amount of

growth I witnessed in myself over the last ten days."

"Over the last two weeks, I woke up at a time when my eyes rarely see the light of day, and

accomplished feats on the mat, the likes of which I had never done in my entire 12 years of

practicing yoga."

"In this physically rigorous series, he creates a safe and fun environment that invites you to go beyond your self-imposed limitations to discover what you are truly capable of."

" if you've never been a morning yoga person - you'll see, it'll change you. Couldn't be more true."


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